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Business Awards

Business Award competitions are great for exposure and SEO (search engine optimisation), even if you are ‘just’ nominated. And one of the best things about winning an award is that you are pretty much guaranteed some nice SEO links back to your site. Following a win of a business award it is usually possible to include the awards logo on your marketing material, stationery and packaging.

In the following document we have outlined a range of awards that may be most suitable for Westmeath small and medium businesses to enter. This is by no means an exhaustive list. We have divided the awards into broad categories, in reality some of the awards could slot into several categories. Of course there are many very specialist business sector awards for businesses from hairdressers to butchers to architects. We have not outlined these here as they are very sector specific; a business operating in the sector will already be aware of them.

Some of the awards have an entry fee but most do not. Many of the awards speak about a ‘nomination’ but in most cases self nomination is possible. If this is not the case it will be clearly stated. The actual prizes vary greatly from cash to trophies to business mentoring and advertising etc. The intangible benefits of awards can be huge and varied as outlined in the piece above from the ‘Family Business Awards UK’. Do not dismiss an award if there is no cash prize. It is a good idea to look through previous award winners to get an idea of what is required.

Awards schemes can change over time. Some come and go depending on sponsorship. In others award schemes categories are added and removed. A business interested in entering will need to keep a close eye on the relevant websites and business media.

A business also needs to look carefully at all the awards schemes before choosing which to enter. The awards under the ‘IT’ heading can be relevant to a business in any sector if the business has a website, blog or is active on social media. Other awards such as environmental or corporate social responsibility awards can also be relevant to businesses in many sectors. At first glance some awards may appear to be geared towards very large businesses but there is often a special category for small and medium enterprises. Also take note that many of the awards are active on social media as well as having websites. Many have facebook pages, twitter accounts and blogs. 

Do not despair if you do not win awards. It can be a great learning process and a chance for a small business team to take a step back and reflect on the big picture for the business. The whole process will motivate you and drive you to strive for constant business improvement.

Best of luck….