COVID-19 Government Supports for businesses 2nd Dec LEO201830

Online interactive workshop delivered via weblink
2nd & 3rd December

This programme runs over 2 days (2 hours per day 2nd & 3rd Dec) and will tell you everything you need to know about the Government Supports that are available to your business from across the relevant government agencies.

This event is no longer available


COVID-19 Government Supports for business

The aim of this online course is to provide participants with details on the various supports available across the relevant Government Agencies, including the purpose of the support, eligibility, documentation required and the evaluation criteria.

The course will be delivered by Marie Manning of Manning Financial & Associates Ltd. 

It focusses on the following:

  • Covid loans - MFI, SCBI (working capital, future growth, invoice financing and credit guarantee), EI sustaining enterprise for SME and Brexit loan scheme - very detailed on MFI going through all the documents, evaluation etc
  • Grants (whatever is still in operation) - Covid: RGP, ESG, Microenterprise, TOV, Tourism supports, LEO "normal" grants, mentoring, training supports
  • Cash flow supports from Revenue - debt warehousing, EWSS, extensions in Budget, VAT changes, new Covid subsidy for business in restriction (budget) etc
  • Government agency waivers and cash flow easement measures

Following this course the participants will know the current suite of financial and non-financial supports that is available (and evolving) from Government agencies, where to go to get the support and what will be required, together with tips to build a robust business case to support their application, where relevant.

The course outline includes:

  • List of all the Government Agencies providing supports to business
  • Up to date list of the financial and non-financial supports on offer including:
  • Purpose of the support, where to apply, the application process and the documentation required, timelines for applying, where relevant
  • Assessing the suitability of loan finance for your business
  • Financial Management – getting your finances in order
  • Tips and techniques to prepare a robust application for support including evaluation criteria for each funding stream
  • Assessing the suitability of loan finance for your business
  • Preparing financial forecasts to accompany loan applications
  • Template provided to produce cash forecast required for MFI Covid-19 loan

The course is intended to be hands-on, with handouts and examples to involve the participants. The facilitators will encourage the participants to ask questions, contribute to discussions and apply the material to their own experiences.

Training will be delivered remotely, through a combination of secure, private, ZOOM video conferences and supporting on-line material.

This course runs over two days (2 hours per day).

Delivered through ZOOM online platform.