Clinic for Creative & Gift Sector Businesses 19th Feb Mullingar LEO191610

Aras an Chontae, Mount Street, Mullingar
19th February
Business Training

Trainer Meabh Ring

This event is no longer available

One-to-one expert advice for gift, craft, design, home wares and skincare business owners in County Westmeath.

Contents and Overview

This clinic is designed for businesses working in art, craft, gift, design, skincare, homeware, and fashion. The mentor session will focus on how to brand, market and sell your products into the retail trade and the end consumer. Topics covered will include pricing, labelling, branding, merchandising, retail sales, exhibition and gift trade shows such as Showcase Ireland. It is designed to help you target your creative product or gift to the consumer and increase sales. 

You will received one to one business guidance for your gift business over in this session with follow up available via phone and email.

While there is no “typical” categories, those attending Creative Business Advice Clinics tend to be TWO different types.

1. Early stage, Business concept, ideas and Pre-Start Up.
Individuals considering the possibility of setting up their own gift business. In many cases the product / service is not yet made, designed or finalised, it is at ‘IDEA’ stage. The designer / maker / crafter/ clients attending would be advised on available supports and how to become equipped with the knowledge and tools to further their business.

  • Topics in the Business Advice Clinic might include:
  • Validate the idea – how to take it to the next step and what are the next steps!
  • Further product research, market investigation and financial planning and costings.
  • What is available for this sector, who are your peer and complimentary products and how are they trading in your region?
  • The Processes – Demystifying the core start up processes of Research, Consumer Motivation, Selling, Planning, & Management.

2. Start Up, they have made the decision to trade, newly established, or help with existing business.
There will also be those in the gift, craft and design sector who have been trading for some time but need a ‘fresh perspective’ and touch base with a peer / mentor within their Local Enterprise Office.
Topics in the Business Advice Clinic might include:

  • Re Branding and Re Positioning their gift offer.
  • Business Planning – how to progress, plan, research and sell.
  • Product development and prototyping, how to build on established successes in their current market.
  • Trade Shows and Trade Sales, Retailing, Sales and Social Media and online sales and promotion.

The structure of the Business Advice Clinics is to provide guidance over the 75 mins in person in LEO offices. 60 mins follow-up – 7 to 10 days later via phone / email.

Mentor: Méabh Ring, Marketing & Resource Development

Méabh has worked with leading retailers and gift brands and has experience in working with craft start-ups and design micro enterprises.
She works as a trainer and mentor with the Local Enterprise Offices, the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and Enterprise Ireland. Méabh can offer insights and guidance on branding, marketing, sales, retail and trade shows. She specialises in the Creative Sector, specifically art, craft, gifts, design, home wares and skincare.

Please Note

The cost of this Clinic is NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERABLE.