LEAN Clinic 8th July 2022 LEO221228

Online or by Phone
8th July 2022
1 & 1/4 Hr

We are offering a complimentary Lean Clinic for businesses in Co. Westmeath. Lean is about being effective and efficient - doing things quicker, better, cheaper. Lean strives to stamp out waste and to continually improve!

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We are offering a complimentary Lean Clinic for businesses in Co. Westmeath.

You will be requested to fill out an application form which will give the consultant some background to your business.  On completion you will be required to fill out a one page evaluation form.

Please note: Strictly for businesses trading more than 6 months

Bio: Allyson English

Black Belt LEAN Business Consultant and Managing Director of Jigsaw Better Business I can help
you identify ways to make your Great Businesses to be BETTER. I have industry knowledge in
multiple sectors from Finance, Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality, and Retail. My mission is to
help you to reduce wastes, deliver value for the customer, and engage your teams in the whole
process in doing so. Let me show you how through the LEAN lens!

Productivity & Profitability Business Advice Clinics:

Re-Thinking your Business with Lean!

A common feeling among business owners, management, and teams is that of being STUCK,
completing thankless tasks, and feeling frustrated that they are not getting the return on the hard
work they are putting in. These business owners know deep down that there must be a better way.

The first steps towards Productivity & Profitability are to identify inefficiency in your business, define
it as a problem and to attempt to solve it. Clearly defining the Problem is key to making sure you are
not just treating symptoms but tackling the root cause. It is not just about doing things right but also
doing the right things. Being efficient and busy mopping the floor is great, but it is better to turn off
the tap.

The Productivity & Profitability Business Advice Clinics will connect you with an expert that can help
you identify opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce cost, increase capacity, and help your great
business be better. Throughout the clinic the coach will signpost the supports available to you to
achieve this.

The one hour, one to one clinics will be led by Allyson English Managing Director of Jigsaw Better

Jigsaw Better Business are Irelands leading provider of Productivity training and Coaching to the
Micro and Small business sector through the Lean, Green, & Digital for Micro programs. Our aim is to
help make businesses better through creative problem solving, people development & process