Mentoring Clinic: Progressing your Business & Business Strategy 7th May LEO211424

7th May
1 -1.5 hour

This 1 to 1 session is for Westmeath businesses in need of mentoring in all areas of strategy and business development. Strictly for WESTMEATH businesses trading 6 months plus.

This event is no longer available

This one to one session is for Westmeath businesses in need of mentoring in Strategy & Business Development.

Progressing your Business / Business Strategy-


Session Topics:


Business history: (Review)

  • What has happened / NOT happened so far?
  • Situational Analysis – using proven tools to help us analyse where we are.
  • Customer analysis – who are we selling to / not selling to?
  • Market Trends – what’s happening in the market are we prepared – are we being left behind?
  • Competitor Analysis – what are competitors doing – where are they aiming?


The Future:

  • Where do we want to be – setting goals and targets for future growth.
  • Gaining new customers – who are they – where are they.
  • What is our story and getting it across?
  • Sales targets and goal setting.
  • Getting Lean – how can we do more with what we have?


Getting there:

  • Segmenting our customers – easiest sales with the greatest returns
  • Objectives – what precisely do we want to achieve.


The Mechanics – what will we actually do?

  • Reviewing our Marketing Mix – using the 8 P’s
  • Putting our action plan together – what happens and when.



  • How do we manage out plan?
  • How do we know if it’s working?
  • Building in systems to give us feedback.

Please note: Strictly for businesses trading more than 6 months

Before Applying 

  1. In order to ensure the mentoring session is as beneficial as possible, it is critical that applicants include a description of the business and details of areas to be addressed at the mentoring session
  2. This information must be included in the text box entitled 'Notes'  on the booking page
  3. Applicants are asked to include the following information in this text box:
    • Number of months trading
    • Description of the business and business activities
    • Summary of areas where support is required


This 1 Hour & 15 mins session will be delivery via Zoom, online or telephone.  The business mentor will contact business owners prior to the meeting to organise the exact time of meeting

Mentor: Michael Quigley

Please Note:

If businesses require mentoring in areas not covered in these clinics, please email requests to and we will organise a mentoring clinic to meet your business need.