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Online Start Your Own Business (Evening) Programme 27th April LEO211005

Online - Through Zoom
27th April & 4th, 11th & 18th May
1 Hour Group Sessions 6.30pm-7.30pm
Start Your Own Business

For someone with a business idea in mind and who is thinking of starting their own business. Also suitable for an early stage start-up. Trainer - Consult Catalyst THIS COURSE IS STRICTLY FOR WESTMEATH CLIENTS ONLY

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Online Start Your Own Business Course

Overall Programmes Objectives:

The participants will be able to:
1. Write a Business Plan for their own Business
2. Understand and use the key aspects of marketing, including:
         a. Conducting research for their business and their competition;
         b. Developing a realistic, workable promotional plan based on customer needs and resources;
3. Recruit staff and manage human resources;
4. Understand and plan their business finances thoroughly;
5. Use social media and take advantage of international outsourcing technology
6. Balance the challenge of running a successful business family/personal commitments;
7. Use the Orbit Management tool as a methodology for assessing your businesses
8. Gaining knowledge on how to approach financiers (including banks) with confidence;
9. Develop and maintain a positive attitude towards themselves and their business;
10. Start a business with the key elements for success in place

Overview of the Start Your Own Business programme structure:

Number of participants: 14 maximum

Detailed Course Breakdown – modules and timeframes:
The Online Start Your Own Business programme is shown in its modules below. These are covered over a 4 week period with a consistent coaching ethos throughout. This supports the transfer of learning into their actual situations.

1. Induction/Who is an Entrepreneur? How to build on your business idea. Legal aspects - Company Structure & Employment Legislation
2. Undertaking customer and market research. Researching your product idea and competitors. Identify USP.
3. Understanding consumer trends – How this affects your business/product. What are the internal and external influences on your business, Undertaking SWOT and PEST.
4. The importance of branding and packaging
5. Marketing a Business, Digital Marketing & E-commerce
6. Costing and Pricing your Product / Service – Understanding your Profit Margins
7. Distribution and Sales Channels – Being Lean and Green
8. Succeeding with buyers
9. Finance for Enterprise:
      a. Realistic Financial Planning & Financial Projections
      b. Viability, Sustainability and Risk Assessment.
c. Funding the Project – Sources and Access
d. Taxation
10. Business Plan:
          a. Development of a winning, Investor-ready Business Plan
          b. Presentation skills & pitching your business for funding
          c. Lean Canvas
          d. Lean Start up methodology
         e. The Orbit – growth accelerator business planning

The content schedule is as follows:

Day 1 -

Personal Introduction, The Value of your Time, Orbit Planning, Am I suited to being Self Employed, Skills Check, Mindset of an Entrepreneur,

Day 2 - Marketing and Sales
Marketing basics, Research Questions, Price, The 80/20 Rule, How to Sell, How to Promote, Handling Objections, Closing Business, What's your VP? How to Sell, Sales Conversations

Day 3 - Admin, Tax & Finance
Legal status, Tax Registration, Basic Tax Introduction, Name Registration, Accountant, Banks Accounts, Health and Safety, Financial Cycle, Getting Paid, Funding, Cash Flow and Forecasting, P&L

Day 4 - SWOT, Executive Summary & Planning
Completing a SWOT analysis, How to write an Executive Summary, The Business Plan Template, Writing a Business Plan

Rob Marr - Bio
Rob believes sales and leadership are the fundamentals to personal and business success. Rob currently delivers a wide variety of programmes to public & private sector clients that maximise growth potential and competitiveness. Rob founded his business in 2007 after a diverse and successful career in sales, marketing, business development and management. He is one of the leading business coaches in Ireland. With over 2000 clients under his belt from every different sector of business he helps business leaders fulfil their potential every day.

His clients include Uniphar, Sojern, B Braun, Zoetis, KFC, Butlers Chocolates, Stablelab, Lloyds Pharmacy, Mr. Price and Five Guys amongst others. He has worked in sectors as varied as food, agriculture, retail, retail pharmacy, tech and finance. Rob has also developed his own world class Elite Sales Coaching programme based on his 20 plus years of experience in sales that he delivers 10 times a year and it is always sold out.

Rob has delivered large national L&D projects for Lloyds Pharmacy in Belgium and Sweden and created comprehensive learning & development plans for the sales team in Stablelab as well as their hugely important AAEP trade shows in Texas and San Francisco . This work has also brought him to work with Zoetis in Canada and the USA on the Stablelab launch.

Dates: One Hour Group Sessions on 27th April, 4th May, 11th & 18th May from 6.30pm-7:30pm followed by  scheduled calls  throughout the day to catch up with each participant on a one to one basis


  • Tuesday 27th April (Group and 1:1 Mentoring)
  • Wednesday 28th April (1:1 Mentoring)
  • Tuesday 4th May (Group and 1:1 Mentoring)
  • Wednesday 5th May (1:1 Mentoring)
  • Tuesday 11th May (Group and 1:1 Mentoring)
  • Wednesday 12th May (1:1 Mentoring)
  • Tuesday 18th May (Group and 1:1 Mentoring)
  • Wednesday 19th May (1:1 Mentoring)

Cost: Free

Please note that a 6-month telephone and email support will be provided as part of this programme.

All participants can avail of a one to one session with the Trainer to discuss their individual business needs and plans.