Patent and Intellectual Property Clinic 5th December LEO231100

1hr 15mins

Telephone/Online Mentoring with one of our Patent Mentors - We are offering complimentary mentoring to help you review your Intellectual Property – how to protect your idea.

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Please note this clinic is strictly for Co. Westmeath based Businesses trading for at least 6 months. 

Understanding and filing Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright) For attendees looking for information on;

  • Intellectual property Information– Patents, Trademarks, Copyright, Design and what they are suitable for.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of applying for Intellectual Property.
  • Gain valuable knowledge to how to conduct International Patent/Trademark/Design database search.
  • The Patent, Trademark, Design application and filing process.
  • How to use Patent EPO (European Patent Office) search database as a research tool before developing a new product.

Understanding Intellectual Property Clinic (Patent, Trademark, Design Registration, Copyright)

  • For attendees looking for information one to one to discuss their IP questions.
  • Information on Intellectual Property, filing, application and what they may need to consider.
  • How to protect their idea.
  • How to conduct a IP search using IP databases to research if their idea is unique.
  • Confidential discussion with attendee.

Date: 05th December 2023


This 1 Hour & 15 mins session will be delivery via Zoom, online or telephone.  The business mentor will contact business owners prior to the meeting to organise the exact time of meeting

Mentor: Sadie Wheatley of SW Design

If your business requires mentoring in areas not covered in these clinics, please email requests to and we will organise a mentoring clinic to meet your business need.