Selling your Product on Amazon 24th Nov LEO201826

Online - Through Zoom
24th November
Business Training

Reach millions of customers easily across all of the EU marketplace, with our NEW Selling on Amazon Course. **Please note that priority will be given to Westmeath Businesses and Sole Trader**

This event is no longer available

Selling on Amazon

We all understand the importance of e-commerce and while it is important to be advertising your produce locally it is also important to be looking at further avenues of sale for your product.  Reach millions of customers easily across all of the EU marketplace, without even needing a website of your own with Amazon. 

In this programme we will go through the process of setting up and selling on the Amazon platform. 

We will look at the options available to us as sellers and some top tips to make sure our products sell.

Course Duration: 3hrs

Delivery Mode: virtual online classroom on Zoom

Course Content

  1.  Is Amazon for me?

                Is Your Business a Good Fit for Amazon? 

  1. Setting up your account

                Individual or Professional account - Pros and Cons of each

                How to set up your account 

  1. FBA - Fulfilment By Amazon

                What is FBA

                Is it for me?

                How to create an FBA business plan 

  1. Get to know Seller Central

                Understand the Amazon dashboard

                The Amazon Seller App 

  1. How to list your products

                Listing your first product

                What you need to start listing               

  1. The Product Detail Page

                Title - How to name your product to sell

                Images - Image optimisation to increase listing quality

                Variations - Show the various product options (eg. colour etc.)

                Description - How to best describe your offering 

  1. Amazon SEO

                How do Amazon SEO keywords work?

                What I Shouldn’t Do With Amazon SEO?

                How to Make Amazon Keywords Work for You - Tips and tricks to get a better listing

  1. Fulfilling your orders

                Ensure your orders are sent out the Amazon way.