Social Media Marketing Bootcamp 21st Sept LEO211404

21st September - 19th October (5 consecutive Tuesdays)
Social Media

Five day online Social Media Marketing Bootcamp is ideal for people who want to get an in-depth understanding of the main social media channels plus how to create graphics and marketing videos for use in social media campaigns. Trainer: The Marketing Crowd THIS PROGRAMME IS STRICTLY FOR BUSINESSES WHO ARE CURRENTLY OPERATING IN CO WESTMEATH ONLY

This event is no longer available


Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

This Social Media Marketing Bootcamp takes place over five online sessions and is ideal for retailers and businesses who want to sell their products or services.  It is an intensive course on the main aspects of Social Media Marketing including Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Instagram marketing, Video marketing and how design eye-catching images for social media.


This programme is not for digital marketing trainers/consultants or website designers.


Course Methodology

 Each week (for 5 weeks) there is a 3 hour LIVE online session which you can attend from your home or office using a PC / MAC or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones but you do not need a webcam).  Please note that the larger the screen you use the better the experience will be.


How does it work?

 Click on this link to watch a video which explains how the online course works

 This course will be delivered by Evan Mangan of The Marketing Crowd


 What is involved in an online course and how does this online course work?

 As a course participant you...

  • Need to download the free Zoom meeting software prior to the course - we will provide you with a download link.
  • Can join the course on a PC / MAC or tablet (you will need to be able to hear sound either through speakers or headphones but you do not need a webcam). 
  • Will by default have your webcam switched off - this will give you privacy if you do not want to be seen.  If you wish, you can switch your webcam on.  Your trainer, Evan, will explain on the day how this works.  Please note you do not need to have a webcam to participate.
  • Participants will be able to ‘mute’ themselves throughout the course and ‘unmute’ themselves to be able to answer question.   This will give people peace of mind that strangers cannot hear what is going on in the background (their kids / pets etc).  It also ensures the smooth running of the course 
  • Will be able to "ask a question".  You can "virtually" raise your hand and Evan can then unmute you / or you can unmute yourself so you can ask a question.  If you do not have a microphone then you can type a message for the trainer to see.
  • Will be able to see Evan, the trainer, via his webcam. 
  • Will be able to see Evan's screen and therefore see what he is demonstrating/referring to - just as you would in a physical training course.


Workshop 1: How to create your own marketing videos to use on social media

 Retailers and other businesses are using video more and more to showcase their products and services. In this session you will learn how to easily go about making your own videos on a budget.

 What we will cover:

  • Demonstration of how to edit video clips into a marketing video using video editing software on a PC.
  • Explanation of 4 types of videos you could create – Promo, Testimonial, How To and Product
  • Overview of how businesses are using these types of videos for marketing
  • What equipment you would need in order to shoot high quality videos with a smartphone.
  • Tips on how to shoot videos.
  • Tips on how to interview people
  • Tips on how to speak directly to camera



Workshop 2:  Facebook marketing and advertising

 Facebook marketing and in particular Facebook ads are a huge opportunity for retailers and other businesses to reach their target audience both locally and nationally. In this session you will learn how to use Facebook as a free and paid for tool.

 What we will cover:

 How to use Facebook as a free marketing tool

  • Review the fundamentals of setting up a page
  • Branding and settings
  • What to post and how to post
  • Growing followers
  1. How to advertise on Facebook
  • Know how to target the best audience for your business.
  • Basic and intermediate ways to target using the Facebook ads tool
  • Tools you can use to design eye catching ads
  1. How to turn a Facebook post into an ad using the Ads Tool



Workshop 3: How to ensure your website turns traffic into web enquiries and sales


  1. Monitor and test how visitors use your site
  2. Then Implement tactics to improve engagement and conversion

Increase engagement

  • Ensure the page loads quickly
  • Ensure you have an SSL cert
  • Explain what makes you different
  • Bullet point key features / benefits
  • Write your copy in an engaging way
  • Highlight blog posts on key pages to engage and build trust
    • to build a relationship
    • Videos

Improve conversion

  • Ensure you have call to action buttons on all key pages
  • Integrate Facebook messenger to stimulate enquiries
  • Add  Request a Callback buttons
  • Embed Facebook reviews on key pages
  • Include a money back guarantee
  • Include a compelling offer
  • Ensure returns policy is better than competitors


Workshop 4: How to design eye-catching social media images and How to use Twitter to market your products/services

 How to design eye-catching social media images.

  • How to add eye-catching text to your image
  • How to remove the background on an image and place it on top of a coloured background.
  • How to add your logo
  • How to add animation


What we will cover Twitter Marketing

  • How Twitter works.
  • How companies use Twitter for marketing.
  • How to brand your account.
  • Overview of the main areas in Twitter.
  • How to tweet.
  • How to retweet in a way that benefits your business
  • How to grow your followers.
  • How to use Twitter to promote your products and services


Workshop 5: How to use Instagram for Marketing 

 Instagram is now the leading social network for most retailers and many other businesses. In this session you’ll learn how to promote your products and services.


  • What kind of social network is it?

How to use Instagram

  1. Getting started on Instagram – setting up your profile
  2. How to find interesting content & people to follow
  3. How to pose
  4. Apps you can use to create eye-catching image and video posts
  5. Introduction to Instagram Stories

How to use Instagram for marketing – for free

  • How to migrate to a business account
  • Develop a content plan – what will you post?
  • How to grow your followers
  • How to drive people to your website
  • Overview of Instagram shopping

 Please note that the order in which the modules of this bootcamp are delivered may vary.