Writing a successful Tender Programme - 27th Nov LEO201835

Online interactive workshop delivered via weblink
27th Nov & 4th Dec
Business Training

This programme runs over 2 1/2 days and aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop powerful tenders and proposals. - THIS PROGRAMME IS STRICTLY FOR BUSINESSES REGISTERED IN CO WESTMEATH

This event is no longer available



General Introduction

Each year billions of euros in new business are awarded to the private and voluntary and community sectors via a process of written tenders and proposals. The ability to write effective tenders is therefore a core business skill, particularly in challenging times. Winning tenders can help businesses of all sizes sustain and grow and can even support early exporting.

Despite this increased need, these skills are limited in many small businesses and business owners and their teams are left unprepared and daunted by prospect of developing tenders that may be to their future success.

A one to one withe the trainer of 1&1/4 hours is included on this programme and will be arranged for all attendees with the trainer.

Programme Objective

The objective of the programme is to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to develop powerful tenders and proposals.

The Benefits of the Programme

The benefits of the programme are expansive and while not an exclusive list, they include:

  1. Tangible growth in the capability and confidence of attendees to write strong and winning tenders
  2. Learning on:
  • What sells a tender to a buyer.
  • Where to seek tender opportunities.
  • The key elements of a successful tender.
  • Understanding client requirements.
  • How to structure an effective tender - step-by-step process on how to develop an effective tender that meets client requirements.
  • How to continually improve tender writing.
  • How to develop a tender database and library.
  • How to build partnerships and expand the tenders that can be bid for – in a credible way.
  • The importance of tendering in a Covid-19 and post-Covid-19 world

3.   Challenging of existing thinking so as to open-up a wider range of opportunities including the opportunity to develop partnerships that open new opportunities.

4.   Building confidence and demystifying tendering.

Introduction to Ian McKay and Navigate Change Consulting - Ian McKay has developed Navigate Change Consulting with a particular focus on as a providing training, mentoring and consultancy to the micro-business sector with a particular focus on helping those business win new work through tendering. Ian is a leading tender development professional and has extensive experience in the writing of strong business tenders and in the delivery of training and mentoring support on tender writing – particularly to SMEs in Ireland. Ian, in partnership with the Ulster University, developed the most significant research into barriers facing small businesses in tendering for public sector contracts in Ireland including analysis of the perspectives of 350 small businesses. This research, identified a wide range of barriers to entry for small firms. Ian has used this knowledge alongside, his extensive expertise to develop this programme on tendering that has significant tangible results for businesses.

The course is intended to be hands-on, with handouts and examples to involve the participants. The facilitators will encourage the participants to ask questions, contribute to discussions and apply the material to their own experiences.

Training will be delivered remotely, through a combination of secure, private, ZOOM video conferences and supporting on-line material.

Delivered through ZOOM online platform.