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How to Write a Winning Tender

Powerful Tenders: How to Write a Winning Tender
Programme Description
Each year billions of pounds and euros in new business are awarded to the private and Not-for-Profit sectors via a process of written tenders and proposals. The ability to write effective tenders is therefore a core business skill, particularly at a time of recession and reduced public expenditure when such processes are becoming increasingly competitive. Despite this increased need; these skills are restricted in many organisations and staff are left unprepared with the daunting prospect of writing a tender document that is important to the future success of their organisation.
This programme is aimed at introducing a sustainable and continually improving tender-writing capability within your organisation. This includes provision of an adaptable tender template so as to promote strong tender and proposal development.


A one to one session with trainer is provided to all participants.

Programme Aim
The aim of the programme is to:
Provide participants with the knowledge on how to develop persuasive written tenders and proposals and to promote a strong and sustainable bid-writing capability.
This is particularly aimed at people and organisations that are new to tendering or need to develop their capability and confidence in tender writing.
Overall the programme aims to achieve a transformation with participants so as to:
  • Increase the range of opportunities taken; in terms of developing bids where previously they would not have had the skills or confidence to bid
  • Increase the quality and credibility of proposals;
  • Provide participants with the capability to choose, plan and deliver strong and credible tenders;
  • Generate new business through growth in bid writing capability.
Programme Contents
  • The recent changes within procurement and how to meet public sector requirements.
  • The importance of effective tendering: what sells your tender – over competing tenders;
  • Where to find tendering opportunities (including e-tenders and others) and how to decide which bids to go for;
  • How to widen the range of tenders that you can bid for – including partnerships;
  • Introduction to how to research, plan, structure and develop a powerful tender.
  • In practice: how to: plan, structure and develop a powerful tender;
  • The Do's and Don'ts of tendering;
  • How to give your tender the edge;
  • The growing relevance of sustainability in tendering and why it is not to be feared;
  • The Commercial Proposal;
  • Tender submission and evaluation;
The programme also provides participants with a ‘soft-copy’ tender document template that provides a strong foundation for future tender development.


The procurement officer of Westmeath County Council will be in attendance for Q&A including -

  • Why work with the public sector?
  • How is public procurement structured?
  • What are thresholds?
  • Where are tenders advertised?
  • How are tenders received evaluated?
  • What supports are available for small businesses?
  • The public service will spend around €8.5 billion on goods & services every year, that's roughly €23.5m every day.
  • In 2014 Local Authorities will spend around €4.17 billion on goods & services.

Meet the Buyer

Participants will get the opportunity to meet with Westmeath County Council buyers on a one to one basis in the area of their choice on a separate occasion after this event if they so wish.