Start Your Own Business Programme 2 Days BTWEA & STEA Applicants

The objective of the Start Your Own Business programme for BTWEA (Back to Work Enterprise Allowance) or STEA (Short Term Enterprise Allowance) application is to assist them to complete is to assist them complete the “Business Plan Workbook” in respect of their applications. It should assist participants in assessing the viability of their business ideas and in understanding the essential elements required to start up and run their own businesses.

It would give the applicants a broad understanding of a Start Your Own Business Programme but would assist them in completing a Business Plan.


It should cover:

  • Legal Structure of a Business
  • Budgeting, Debt & Credit control
  • Prepare a SWOT Analysis
  • Market research
  • Funding & Cashflow
  • Production – considerations e.g.

-        Premises - are modifications required?

-        What, if any, licences are required e.g. planning permission, HACCP, etc

-        What equipment, transport, materials, stock etc are required and where shall they be sourced.