Export Marketing Grant (Micro Exporters Grant)

Export Marketing Grant (now known as the 'Micro Exporters Grant')

This grant will enable clients to explore and develop new market opportunities.

The grant will part-fund the costs that can be incurred in investigating and researching export markets, e.g. exhibiting at trade fairs, preparing marketing material and developing websites specifically targeting overseas markets.

The grant is confined to qualifying micro-enterprises i.e. commercial businesses employing at least one person on a full-time basis and not more than 10 employees) with a turnover of less than €1M.

Please note: community groups, professional services, alternative therapies, hotels/guest houses, retail businesses and locally traded services are excluded from this scheme.

Grant Terms:

  • Grant Covers 50% of eligible costs (net of vat) to a max of €2,500.
  • Applications must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred
  • Payments will be made to approved projects on receipt of proof of payment of all qualifying and approved expenses.
  • Successful applicants should consider using an Enterprise Ireland Mentor to develop an export/marketing plan.

Projects eligible for support include:

  • Enterprises not employing more than 10 people;
  • Enterprises located within the geographic location of the Local Enterprise Office
  • Enterprises operating in the commercial sphere
  • Enterprises must demonstrate a market for their proposed product/service
  • Enterprises engaged in manufacturing or internationally traded services
  • Innovative businesses with prototype products
  • Enterprises must not have received any funding for this proposal from any other source

Eligible expenditure categories

  • Participation at trade fairs and shows covering Trade Show Exhibitor costs including rental/fees relating to space/stands; *
  • Participation at international trade networking events organised through the Enterprise Europe Network;
  • Development of specific Marketing Materials aimed at exploring new export markets;
  • Translation, e.g. of existing material (booklets, webpages, etc. for export markets;
  • Development of export related websites;
  • Investigation of new internal or external processes to develop export business, e.g. new business model or the carrying out of non-regulatory technical requirements;

*Note:   Economy Flight Costs are eligible with other travel and subsistence costs subject to the Local Enterprise Office maximum limits.

How do I apply for the grant?

You can download the Application Form for the Micro Exporters Grant (Export Marketing Grant) here.

(Quotations will be required to accompany each application and please allow six weeks for processing.)