Export Marketing Grant

Exporting Marketing Grant for Micro Enterprise Sector

The Objective of this grant is to assist eligible businesses within the Micro Sector with exporting to new Markets.

The Export Marketing Grant can be used to part-fund the cost of Travel and Subsistence, Trade Fair Attendance/ Exhibiting, and the creation of marketing material specifically for overseas markets.

The Export Marketing Grant is confined to qualifying micro-enterprises i.e., commercial businesses employing at least one person on a full-time basis and not more than 10 employees) with a turnover of less than €1M. 

Please note: Community groups, professional services, alternative therapies, hotels/guest houses, retail businesses and locally traded services are excluded from this scheme.

Grant Terms:

•   Grant Covers 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of  €2,500
•   Applications must be made prior to any expenditure being incurred
•   Payments will be made to approved projects on receipt of proof of payment for all qualifying and approved expenses.

How do I apply for the Export Marketing Grant?

Download the Export Marketing Grant Application

Projects eligible for support include:

•   Businesses engaged in manufacturing
•   Internationally trade services
•   Innovation projects
•   Companies seeking financial support must be located in county Wexford and  have less than 10 employees

Applicants must:

•   Be in a commercial sphere
•   Be capable of attaining economic viability
•   Demonstrate a market for their proposed product/service
•   Have the necessary management and technical skills
•   Have capacity for growth and job creation
•   Not have received any funding for this proposal from any other source

Quotations will be required to accompany each application and please allow 6 weeks for processing.

Download A Step by Step Guide for Exporting