Covid-19 and the Wexford SEP


COVID-19 and the Wexford SEP

COVID-19 brings extra challenges but LEO Wexford and the SEP coordinator are committed to working with schools to deliver the Student Enterprise Programme to students in County Wexford. Now, more than ever, the world needs the creativity, problem-solving abilities, resilience and adaptability that the Student Enterprise Programme nurtures in the young entrepreneurs who take part in the programme.

In accordance with current guidelines (which may change as the year progresses), for the 2020/2021 Wexford SEP:

- Student entrepreneurs are encouraged to make their business ideas as ‘COVID-proof’ as possible from the outset.

- Ideally, products/services should be able to be:
> sold online using Facebook Marketplace/Instagram, or via an e-commerce platform such as Etsy, Shopify, Depop (in case in-person Christmas/Craft Fairs are not available to students as a selling opportunity) Please Note: Students will likely need approval and input from a Parent/Guardian to utilise these e-commerce platforms;
> sold through an established local retailer (again, in case in-person markets are not running);
> worked on from home (in case of any lockdown situations).

- Student entrepreneurs should wear masks, practice social-distancing and demonstrate hand-sanitising if they do have to deliver or sell products in person.

- Student entrepreneurs should also clearly and regularly communicate to their potential customers (via social media etc) how they are maintaining strict hygiene standards as they create products and run their mini-companies.

- For in-school visits by the SEP coordinator, the coordinator will wear a face-mask at all times, will practice strict hand-hygiene measures and practice social-distancing while in the school, along with complying with any other measures implemented by the school.

- In the event that the SEP coordinator is unable to conduct an in-person visit to the school, virtual alternatives will be offered such as online presentations given to the class remotely via their class projector/speakers using Zoom/Google Meet or pre-recorded presentations with commentary, and teacher-supervised mentoring meetings with individual mini-companies conducted virtually using Zoom/Google Meet.