Going Global 14/09/2022

Wexford County Council, Carrickilawn, Wexford
For 7 weeks
09:30 - 13:00
Management Development

A 7 week course for early stage and scaling businesses with global ambition. Starting on 14/09/2022.


For early stage and scaling businesses with Global Ambition

What is this course and who is it suitable for?

This course is suitable for companies or promoters who;

  • Have a product or service that is capable of being exported
  • Are interested in going through an intensive process to validate themselves and their business
  • Want to get their business onto the right footing or further developed to scale  
  • Are interested in attracting investment  
  • Are interested in going through a project focused process in order to enhance their business opportunity
  • Promoters that have ambitious projects/products


  • Business owners or founders will need to attend. It is not suitable for non-key personnel  
  • Ideally the business/company will already be trading or formed and seeking to start a period of rapid expansion. However, experienced promoters with early stage ideas can also be considered.


  • Validating the promoter 
  • Validating the business opportunity 
  • Business models and building a Business Plan 
  • Sales and routes to market 
  • Finance and investment principles
  • How to build your product
  • How to market the product/ service
  • Final pitch to an experienced business panel

Application Process:

  1. Read the eligibility criteria above
  2. Register your interest in the course
  3. Final acceptance onto the course may require you being successful in an interview.  

SESSION 1:  Setting the Scene - Seamus Murphy

  • Introductions and house keeping
  • Elevator Pitch Preparation- assignment
  • Identifying your skills gap and goal setting
  • Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment
  • Understanding the power of a network
  • Intro to the pitch ‘teaser document’
  • Guest speaker.

SESSION 2:  Vision, Mission and Values - getting the foundations right.

  • Creating a Shared Vision for your business
  • Mission statement and the importance of values
  • Business structures and legal obligations
  • SWOT Analysis
  • IP, copyright and licences
  • Business Plan preparation and key elements
  • Effective communications-pitching
  • Teaser document recap
  • Guest speaker

SESSION 3:  Accounting for Growth: 

  • Building a financial picture of your business
  • Projecting profit and cash flows
  • Break-even point and pricing
  • Set-up costs, variable and fixed costs
  • Investment requirements and bank requirements
  • Building the financial model – draft 1. Begin the process of getting the financial prepared
  • Guest speaker

This session will be followed, over the following 2 weeks, by one-to-one mentoring for all participants on the finance topic.

SESSION 4:  Building the model to Scale:  

  • Promoter Validation
  • Concept Validation
  • Market Validation
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Growing customers and customer retention
  • Guest speaker 

SESSION 5 - Understanding your marketplace. 

  • Business model canvas 
  • Problem Statement Canvas
  • Gathering the intelligence you need to scale
  • Market Discovery
  • Developing customer Personas
  • Customer discovery
  • Qualifying and quantifying your market
  • Guest speaker 

SESSION 6:  Sales and Marketing: 

  • Tools of the digital marketing professional
  • Target market analysis
  • Social Media and its uses
  • Paid owned and earned content
  • Google ad words, remarketing, video
  • Marketing – key message
  • Prepare a digital marketing strategy assignment
  • Supports
  • Guest speaker.

SESSION 7:  Business Plan Review and pre-Pitch Session:

  • Business plan review
  • Financial health check in detail
  • Preparing a winning Pitch- slide deck guidance
  • Cap table/valuation of business
  • Guest speaker  

SESSION 8:  Sharing your story

Pitch your business to a guest panel of high net worth individuals, angel investors, equity and/or debt funders.


Seamus Murphy
Gateway Consulting