49616002/LEOITT012 Maximising Sales on your Website & Social Media Channels 09/02/2022

10am - 1.30pm
Business Training

This course aims to give the participants the skills, tools and knowledge to be able to increase their sales and lead from their social media channels and website.


Maximising Sales on your Website & Social Media Channels

Course Outline

  • The online customer – what people are looking for from a business before they purchase. The key components of their purchasing decision.
  • Flywheel Model: understand the customer's online journey and the different stages they go through before purchasing e.g., Brand Awareness, Engage, Convert and Delight. Planning how to target people at the different stages. Defining a value proposition and why it is important for sales & customer acquisition and promoting it effectively on a website and social channels.
  • Understanding how to leverage every interaction with a potential customer.

Practical Elements

  • Auditing their website and developing an action plan
  • Developing a campaign that uses their social media and website with the following stages: Brand Awareness, Consideration & Conversion

Course Outcomes

At the end of the course, each participant will

  • Understand their customer's online journey and know how to target people at the cold, warm and hot stages of the journey
  • Know how to use their channels together for optimum engagement and increase leads and sales
  • Have audited their website usability and have an action plan to implement after the course

Location:Online via Zoom
Date:Wednesday 9th February 2022 
Time:10am - 1.30pm
Trainer:Sandra Hennessy - Be Dynamic

Please Note:

Bookings will close 24 hours before the course to allow management of attendance and online links

Training Programme only available for Co. Wicklow based companies