Priming Grants

A Priming Grants is a business start-up grant, available to micro enterprises within the first 18 months of start-up.

Priming grants may be available for sole traders, partnerships, or limited companies that fulfil the following criteria:

  • Located within the LEO’s Dublin City geographic area
  • A business which on growth may or may not fit the Enterprise Ireland portfolio
  • A business employing up to 10 employees 
  • A manufacturing or internationally traded services business 
  • A domestically traded service business with the potential to trade internationally 
  • Salary support may be offered to unique tourism services projects that are focused predominantly on generating revenues from overseas visitors and which do not give rise to deadweight and/or displacement in the local economy.

Eligible clients may be awarded a Priming Grant within the first eighteen months of setting up the business. The company must have sales and must be employing one new full-time employee.  The new employee may be the Promoter, provided no previous funding has been received towards Promoter Salary.

Eligible Costs:

  • Job Creation Salary costs average €10,000 per person for salary €30,000 or higher
  • Job Creation Salary costs average €  7,500 per person for salary <€30,000

Priming Refundable Grant up to €50,000 depending on the number of jobs created.

Terms & Conditions:

Must be at least one new full-time job created. The business should have started trading and should have sales. A portion could be refundable (no interest charged) after a 7 month moratorium. Refundable portion 0% or 33% or 50% or 100%. Refundability is decided on a case by case basis depending on amount of grant, number of jobs created, assets etc. A current valid Business Tax Clearance Certificate required.

***You must meet with a Business Advisor before you submit an application form. Click here to find out about how to apply***

Priming Grant Application Form.docx (size 348.1 KB)