LEO Mentor Programme with 6 hours of Mentoring (6 Hour & 1 introduction Meeting) €100

The Mentor Programme is designed to help individuals who:

  • Have a business idea
  • You are serious about starting a business, undertaken some primary research and have a draft business plan
  • Have a busine­ss up and running
  • The business is facing some challenges and you seek an experienced mentor to give you some advice and direction

The Local Enterprise Office Dublin City can provide individuals/companies with temporary advisers who will help you identify and overcome obstacles during the business development stages. We have a panel of advisers is made up of mature and experienced business people.

After you have submitted your application for 6 hours mentoring with your assigned mentor you will be asked to attend a one hour meeting with a general mentor first. This meeting will be arranged shortly after payment of €100.

The mentor assignment is valid for 6 months and any hours not used within the 6 month time frame will lapse. 

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