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Plato: The Business Development Programme for Owner-Managers

Are you and owner-manager of an SME in operation for three years or more and with potential to grow?  If the answer is YES, then take a serious look at the Plato Programme.


Many owner-managers suffer from isolation and do not receive the expert inputs and interchange with peers.  As an owner-manager you may often feel the need to access specialist expertise.  Perhaps you have wondered how other companies have tackled the issues you are facing.  Or, you may wish to develop your skills in areas such as business planning, marketing, e-commerce or finance.  If so, Plato can help by providing you with practical training, business counselling and support.

Plato, now established in eleven European countries, was set up here in 1993.  Since then, over 2,000 companies have completed the programme and are continuing to reap the benefits.  Research shows that Plato participants reported the following:
  • An average increase of 31% in turnover 
  • A 26% in new jobs created 
  • 97% said they would recommend the programme to other companies 
  • Over 50% acquired new business through the Plato network 
  • The average level of management skills across the key business areas more than doubled.  

How Plato works:

The Plato Programme is led by managers from large companies in your area.  These ‘parent’ companies provide experienced executives to support you throughout the two year programme.  Groups of owner-managers meet to discuss issues relevant to their companies, learn from the experience of other owner-managers, and obtain answers to key questions from a range of group of recognised experts.  Plato is highly practical and meets the real needs of small businesses by letting you decide the topics to be covered.

There are opportunities for one-to-one consultations, participation in development workshops, special programmes to maximise you company’s competitiveness, such as ISO 9000 and, of course, numerous networking opportunities.

For further information contact Plato Dublin:  Tel: 01 676 3973.  Fax: 01 676 3985.

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