Food Academy Training Programme


A programme for those looking to develop and grow small-scale food & drink production businesses.

Programme Objectives

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the tools which can be used to assess market background
  • Understand core technical issues facing your food or drink business
  • Learn how to grow sales for your product range through better branding and packaging design
  • Gain all of the tools and knowledge necessary to launch and build a successful food business in Ireland.

Module 1: Market Background & Understanding Consumers

  • Understanding Consumers
  • Market Background
  • Research and Data
  • Marketing Strategy & Segmentation
  • Description: Module One will see participants develop an in-depth knowledge of the tools which can be used to assess the market background (target consumers, routes to market) and how to develop an effective marketing strategy for their products.

Module 2: Technical Issues

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Pricing
  • New Product Development
  • Food Safety and Food Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Managing Human Resources

Description: Module

  • Two participants will come to understand the core technical issues facing food and drink business. The module will focus on how to run a business correctly and legally to maintain effective management and growth.

Module 3 & 4: Growing sales

  • Branding and Pack Design
  • Routes to Market
  • Buyer Meetings
  • Marketing Plans
  • Promoting with Confidence
  • Public Relations

Description: Module Three will look at further elements of the marketing mix. Participants will gain a good understanding of the different elements of the marketing mix and how the use of better packaging and branding will drive profitable sales.

Programme Format

  • Mentoring is a significant aspect of the programme with one mentoring visit taking place after each module, in conjunction with the content delivered during the previous training day.

Who can participate?

  • The Food Academy is aimed at those in the early stages of developing their Dublin-based food or drink business. Selection criteria will apply.

How much does it cost?

  • The Food Academy costs €200 and is inclusive of all course materials, training and mentoring provided. Please only make a payment when it has been confirmed that you have secured a place on the programme.

When Will the Programme Run?

  • February 2017.

How to apply?

  • Pre-Approval is required, please complete this application form (Click here) and email it to Barbara Smithers, Programme Coordinator and David Connolly, LEO Enterprise Executive with your expression of interest. The next programme will be in February 2017.