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We have designed a range of training courses and 4 hour afternoon and evening modules to cover a variety of topics to help prepare Owner Managers for the challenges in todays business environment. We constantly review the topics to stay up to date with what is important. Please see the table below for our upcoming training. For more details on the course or module or to book your place please click on the title. For a full list of courses click here.

Start Your Own Business Course 1

8th January 2019 

Saturday Start Your Own Business Course 1

2nd February 2019 

Start Your Own Business Course 2

12th February 2019 

Spring Schedule 2019         
Social Media Strategy - 1 Evening

16th January 2019 

How to Generate a 2nd Income while still keeping your day Job!

19th January 2019 

Bookkeeping for Small Business - Full Day Saturday

26th January 2019 

Create a (Free) Wordpress Website - 1 Evening

5th February 2019 

Master Your Tax - Essential Tax for SME's - 1 Day Saturday

16th February 2019