Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur

IBYE 2016

The aim of Ireland's Best Young Entrepreneur initiative is to support a culture of entrepreneurship among young people in Ireland, to promote entrepreneurship as a career choice, and to encourage Ireland’s young people to set up new businesses which will ultimately create jobs.

Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE) is an initiative of the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation and Enterprise Ireland, and is run by the 31 LEOs across the country. Each LEO has an investment fund of up to €50,000 to award to young entrepreneurs across three categories locally - Best Business Idea, Best Start-Up Business and Best Established Business.

Sheelagh Daly of the Local Enterprise Offices explains: “The €50,000 per county investment fund on offer from each of the 31 Local Enterprise Offices is a major part of the competition, with up to six local businesses winning significant investment prizes in every local authority area. In addition, up to 450 young entrepreneurs from around the country will also win places at regional Business Bootcamps, with access to expert guidance and mentoring for their business ideas and new ventures.”

This competition offers funding investment and mentoring to young people with a business or business idea, the competition closed for applications on the 14th October 2016.  Further information and details about the IBYE are available from the 31 Local Enterprise Offices nationwide, through the IBYE website at or by searching #IBYE on social media and YouTube.


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