Student Enterprise Programme for Secondary Schools

The Student Enterprise Programme is organised by Local Enterprise Offices and is Ireland's biggest enterprise competition for students, with over 16,000 students taking part annually. Within the Fingal region over 2,000 students participate each year, making it the largest initiative of its kind in Ireland.

The programme encourages students to learn real life skills associated with running a real business including teamwork, managing production and finances, developing a sales and marketing campaign and liaising with customers, judges and the media. In addition, the programme encourages students to consider becoming entrepreneurs in the future.

Student Enterprise Programme - An Overview

The Student Enterprise Programme takes place from September - April every year. A variety of workshops are held in participating schools during the course of the programme.

Stage 1: The Business Idea |  September - October

Once registered participating students will spend time trying to develop a winning business idea, usually something slightly different or innovative compared to an existing product or service. Students will also consider whether they want to work on their own or whether they should form a team. If students decide to work in a team they are encouraged to explore the various skill sets of different team members so that roles can be assigned later on.

Stage 2: Starting The Enterprise |  October - November

Students organise their team to cover the different business areas such as production, marketing, finance and reporting.  Students then conduct market research to see if they have a viable business idea and then set out a plan to organise how and when they will make and sell their product or service.

Stage 3: Selling The Product or Service | November - January

During stage 3 the students are encouraged to think carefully about how they will promote their product or service to potential customers and how they will win sales. Students are furthermore encouraged to sell to customers outside their school environment, if at all possible.

Stage 4: Competing & The Awards | February - April

At the end of the programme, the best student enterprises from each participating school in Fingal compete against one another at the Fingal county final.

Students prepare for the finals by creating display materials for their stand and by creating a good business report that provides a summary of everything they did as a group, including financial records showing sales, expenses, profit/loss, etc.

Category winners at the county final get the opportunity to represent the Fingal at the National Student Enterprise Awards.

There are some great prizes on offer including;

  • Overseas Trips
  • Trophies and Cash Prizes
  • iPads & Tablets
  • Local and National Media Profile, including TV and Radio appearances

Interested in the Second Level Student Enterprise Programme?

Please contact:

Serena Bryans, Student Enterprise Co-Ordinator for Fingal

Tel: 086 4119200  Email: