Plato Business Support Forum

Plato was established in 1995 and commenced in Dublin through partnership with the four Dublin Local Enterprise Offices. Plato is dedicated to the successful development of indigenous small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Benefits of the Plato Business Forum

Plato Dublin

Through a unique partnership with large "parent" companies, Plato creates a confidential and safe environment where owner-managers can benefit from

  • Facilitated Group learning
  • Business development
  • Training programmes
  • One-to-one consultation
  • Specialist advice and expertise
  • Networking opportunities
  • Business linkages
  • Cross border activities

Plato encourages owner-managers to share experiences and resources, to stimulate new ideas and to support each other as they make strategic decisions about the future of their business.

How Plato Works

Each of the 7 Plato Ireland regions runs its own programme of events, network linkages and business/management development activities. Each region has several groups, each with 10 to 12 owner-managers who meet monthly. Guest speakers are invited to provide additional information and training. There are currently some 1,000 participating SMEs in Plato regional networks around Ireland, and more than 2,000 companies have already completed the two-year Plato programme.

Parent Companies

Plato enjoys a unique partnership with large local companies that offer Plato participants access to the full range of management expertise. Each participating “parent company” releases two executives on a part-time basis to serve as Plato group leaders. Parent companies benefit from new linkages to local supply sources for products and services, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the economic development of the local region.

Current Parent companies in Plato North Dublin are

Eligibility for Plato Membership

Membership of the two-year Plato programme is open to companies in all areas of commercial activity.
Plato members typically employ 3-50 people, and have usually completed the start-up phase of development.

Further Information

Please contact Marion Walshe, Regional Manager

Address: 17, Merrion Street Upper, Dublin 2

Tel: 086-8234309 |

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Plato Ireland

Plato Ireland Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee, and is governed by IBEC and the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland. Other agencies involved in the funding or support of Plato include Cooperation Ireland, Local Enterprise Offices, LEDU, the European Union, International Fund for Ireland, and Employment Partnerships. Plato Ireland is part of a dynamic European wide network, with over 9,000 SMEs and over 600 parent companies in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia, France, England and Finland.