Managing Remote Teams - Thursday 29th October 2020

Online Delivery via Zoom
18:30 -21:30
Business Training

Learn to effectively manage yourself and your remote team. Maintain productivity and performance levels through challenging times.


Thursday 29th October 2020

Are you struggling to maintain team performance and productivity levels through the period of working from home due to COVID-19? Perhaps you have particular employee or stakeholder performance concerns and are unsure how to handle while working remotely. This session will take business owners through a brief overview of how to maximise team productivity and performance, and effectively deal with any issues that arise.

Topics Covered

        • Psychology of human behaviour
        • Managing performance of disperse teams
        • Effective communication
        • Setting clear goals and check points
        • Maintaining motivation through uncertainty
        • Conflict Management
        • Dealing with any performance issues that arise

        Delivery Method

        This online workshop will be delivered via Zoom. See a video explaining how to operate Zoom.