Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant 2023

Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant 2023





Kildare County Council is delighted to announce the launch of Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant Scheme for retailers. The funding scheme opens on Monday 21st November 2022 and closes on Wednesday 1st of February 2023. Brigid 1500 offers a unique opportunity to celebrate the life and legacy of St. Brigid whose influence has had a truly global impact, spanning our local communities, county and far reaching across the globe.


To celebrate Brigid 1500, Kildare County Council is co-ordinating a host of exciting and diverse projects honouring all aspects of Brigid’s life and influence. Brigid has many different legacies; religious, historic, cultural, artistic, symbolic, inspirational, and feminist and her name is closely associated with nature, folklore, emigration and peace.


The inclusion of a Retail Window Merchandising Grant Scheme provides our retail community with an opportunity to become involved in the celebrations and generate excitement and display their creativity ahead of St Brigid's Day on 1st February 2023 


The focus of this scheme is to provide a level of financial support to retail businesses, in our town centres, to design & develop their business, in a way that celebrates St Brigid in 2023. This scheme will financially assist and support independent retail business owners to enhance their window displays. Funding under the scheme is only available to existing businesses.




The window design grant will be administered through Kildare County Council’ Local Enterprise Office and each local Authority has the right to use their discretion in regard to their process and the development of appropriate terms and conditions that are appropriate for their respective streetscapes, businesses etc. All applicants will be required to comply with planning codes, legislative requirements, and other compliance requirements.


In order to apply for the Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant, all applicants must adhere to the following application process:


Complete the application form 

It is important that all Costs and Quotations are included.

The Economic Development Unit will approve the application (pending all applicants having completed the training module with the LEO Kildare, listed below)



It is important that the following are included:


  • Photo of current exterior/window of premises
  • Indicative Costings for purchases (website quotes will suffice)
  • Written Quotes for work that is proposed
  • Written proof of ownership (if the premises is owned) or written permission from the landlord/owner that the proposed work can be carried out where structural works are being carried out.
  • A copy of the header of your business bank statement which includes business name and account details.
  • Proof of payment of commercial rates or a payment plan in place with Kildare County Council


The Economic Development team will review your application


Once we review the application, we will respond with decision.

Only when approval of funding is received may you make purchases to be funded.

Once work has been completed your contractor must then be paid and the claim can be submitted to Economic Development Unit

To claim for purchases forward paid receipts for the items approved to the Economic Development Unit

At this stage, payment can be made to the applicant





Who can apply?


The scheme is open to all existing retail businesses to improve their window appeal and/or to assist with merchandising 

Those premises that have no commercial rates outstanding to Kildare County Council or have a payment plan in place.





The scheme will provide Brigid 1500 Retail Window Merchandising Grant of 80% funding on eligible expenditure up to a max. of €500


Closing Date:


The closing date for applications is 1st of February 2023




Apply Now


For further information please email or call 045980838