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Kilkenny Local Authorities support business at a local level providing access to information on planning, roads, water, rates and environmental services. The Council promotes the City and County as a location for investment with the Invest Kilkenny brand. For further information, please see the website or call 056 7794106.

Local Authority Service Areas

Digital Mapping / Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Kilkenny Local Authorities offer a range of Digital Mapping services. These Geographical Information Systems provide "mapped" data eliminating the need for people to visit County Hall to view hard-copy paper maps.

The Environment Section look after environmental enforcement and littering, Refuse and recycling, waste regulations, water and air quality and licensing to protect against air pollution and water discharge. The environment section can be contacted on 056 7794470.

Fire Safety
Any building or premises that was built or substantially altered or had a substantial change of use since July 1992 may be required to comply with the Building Control Act 1990 and so may need a Fire Safety Certificate. A Fire Safety Certificate can only be issued by the Local Authority. For further details, please follow the above link for information or, email to fireadmin@kilkennycoco.ie

The Planning Department is responsible for:
- Determination of physical planning policy for the county
- Control of new development and building.
- Promotion of industrial, commercial and other appropriate development.
- Planning application forms, Weekly application lists, Planning reports, Local Area Plans and matters of advice relating to planning are available from through the Council. Contact planning by phoning 056 7794010 or by email planning@kilkennycoco.ie

Commercial rates are a property based tax levied by Local Authorities on the occupiers of commercial or industrial properties. Income generated by commercial rates is used to fund local services including footpaths, lighting, playgrounds and sporting facilities. Click on the above to find further information or read FAQs.

The Council roads section look after road design, local road projects and general maintenance. The roads section also issues licences such as road openings, heavy loads and the erection of scaffolding. The roads office can be contacted on 056 7794060 or click on the above link.

Special Projects
The local authority is involved in a number of special projects to enhance the infrastructure and quality of life in Kilkenny, current projects include the Central Access Scheme, St. Mary’s Church renovation and the Abbey Creative Quarter.

Kilkenny City is well served by more than 4,500 public parking spaces, the Council has control and responsibility for 2,100 spaces including 930 on-street and 1,170 off-street at thirteen locations.

Water Service
You can pay commercial water charges securely online here.

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