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What is Laois TASTE?

Laois TASTE is a diverse group of 21 Laois based Food & Drink Producers dedicated to promoting the Laois Food & Drink Sector through the Laois TASTE brand, locally, nationally and internationally.

Our aim is promote local provenance, strengthen the Laois food industry and transform Laois into one of Ireland’s top food destinations.

Laois TASTE was founded in 2019 as a collaborative effort between Laois Food & Drinks Producers, Laois County Council, Local Enterprise Office Laois and Laois Partnership to support and promote local provenance, quality, growth and development of the Laois food sector.

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The Laois TASTE Producers Provenance Scheme

The aim of the Laois TASTE Producers Provenance Scheme is to encourage local provenance and to create opportunities for new food businesses, support the capacity of existing food businesses in the County while also promoting the Laois Food Industry to a wider audience. The Laois TASTE Provenance Scheme certifies Laois food producers and also service & retail sector businesses that sell Laois made produce.  The Laois TASTE Brand is a mark of origin and allows consumers to identify food which is produced in Laois or businesses which sell Laois made produce.

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