FAQ - Online Learning

Below are some common questions asked before embarking on an online learning session:

Q: How will I know what link to click?

A: The link for your online session will be emailed to you with a complete set of instructions to walk you through getting online.

Q: Do I have install anything on my device?

A: You can participate on Zoom through your internet browser, but the experience is significantly better by downloading zoom and participating from within the app.

Q: Do I have to buy any equipment? 

A: No, to have the best experience, it's ideal to participate through a laptop or computer with a solid internet connection, if at all possible. A headset with a microphone (phone headsets/airpods with a built in microphone will make the sound clearer if you have them) and a webcam (usually built in to laptops, tablets, and phones) are needed to be able to be heard and seen by the other participants. If you do not have access to a laptop or computer, you can use a smartphone. You would also have the option of dialing in, if you do not have the above.

Q: How do I register for the session each time?

A: The instructor will provide you with a link to register at the beginning of each session.

Q:Will we get breaks?

A:Yes, you will get breaks just as if you were in a traditional classroom. Comfort breaks, tea / coffee breaks and a lunch break on longer sessions.

Q: Do I have to use the video camera? 

A: To get the best out of the session, we strongly recommend you use the camera to achieve the 'in classroom' experience. However, if this is not an option for you, it is possible to leave it off.

Q: Will it be interactive?

A: Yes, just like in a normal classroom, you will get live Q&A, polls, assignments, videos to watch and exercises to complete.