Local Authority Business Services

The Local Authority Business Services Team offers a range of services to facilitate and encourage economic and business development in County Meath.


Meath is taking a proactive response to the government policy, ‘Putting People First – An Action Plan for Local Government’, the No. 1 Corporate Objective for Meath County Council is to drive the economic and social development of County Meath”. We aim to encourage the Small and Medium-Enterprises (SME) sector, support entrepreneurs & work in partnership to assist economic growth.


Strategic Development:

An Economic Development Strategy for County Meath 2014 – 2022

An Economic Development Strategy for County Meath 2014 – 2022 is currently being completed, and will contain three strands, An Economic Action Plan, A SpatialImplementation Plan and a Marketing Plan for the County. This Economic Development Strategy will be inserted into the Meath County Development Plan 2013-2019 by means of the Variation Process in 2014. 


Keep Meath Working - Economic Action Plan

Our six theme economic action plan Keep Meath Working addresses a number of pressing issues and proposes practical, measurable interventions, which will lead economic development locally in the medium term, particularly in the Small and Medium-Enterprise (SME) sector.


Ensuring Availability of Land for Economic Development Purposes

Working closely with the Meath County Council Planning Section and Elected Members, we aim to ensure that adequate serviced land is available to satisfy the needs of business.


Providing Assistance in the Planning Process

In conjunction with the Planning Section of Meath County Council, we aim to facilitate business during the planning process by offering relevant advice and assistance. The Council's Major Project Team is also available to consider and advise on major business proposals, which impact on a variety of service areas.


Working in Partnership with Key Stakeholders

We recognise the role of cooperation and coordination in maximising the potential of Meath as a business location. Engaging with key stakeholders such as the IDA, Enterprise Ireland, local Chambers of Commerce and other interested parties, is a key objective of the team.


Meath Economic Forum:

The Economic Forum was launched in April 2013 and its role is to offer high level and unique business insights, ideas and perspectives on sustainable economic growth. It will lend its considerable knowledge, skills, expertise & reputation of key Meath connected business leaders to the County Council, in its efforts to significantly increase economic activity and job creation in County Meath. The members are all highly successful, influential and respected people across the worlds of international business, indigenous business and academia.


Promoting and Marketing Meath as a Location for Business and Investment

We aim to promote & market Meath as a location of choice for economic development through a number of initiatives:


Economic Opportunities Brochures - Whatever your business ......Make It Meath:

A high profile promotional campaign "Whatever your business ......Make It Meath" is currently being delivered.  This campaign highlights the many advantages Meath has to offer business, whether starting out, expanding or re-locating. The full selection of our Economic Opportunities Brochures can be viewed at www.meath.ie/business


Meath Ambassador Programme:

Meath has developed an ambassador programme; which will see high level influential and respected people act as ambassadors for the county and help deliver a positive message about Meath as a quality business location.


Business Website:

We have recently completed a refurbishment project on our Economic Development website, www.meath.ie/business increasing the average visit duration by 450%.


Meath Business & Tourism Annual Awards:

Meath County Council collaborates with the Meath Chronicle and Meath Tourism to participate in & promote the Annual Meath Business & Tourism Awards.


Developing and Implementing Key Initiatives to assist Economic Development in Meath

We are developing a number of initiatives to make it easier to do business in Meath, thereby attracting investment into the county.  


Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme:

This initiative is being progressed in collaboration with Age Friendly Ireland, and Kells and District Chamber of Commerce, Kells has been chosen as the pilot town for County Meath to commence the roll out of the Age Friendly Business Recognition Scheme under the Meath Age Friendly County Programme. It aims to promote the town as an Age Friendly destination for mature customers.