Symposium on AgTech

An AgTech symposium is due to take place on 5th July in the Horse & jockey, Thurles. This event will explore new opportunities in the agricultural technology sector and will be of interest to engineers, investors, farmers and entrepreneurs. 

The Objectives of the Symposium is to call on best practice in order to identify and develop the opportunities and strengths of the agricultural technology sector in the Region and to create a vision for AgTech that will incorporate both innovation and sustainability. The event will explore ways to progress and adopt new and emerging technologies and solutions to increase productivity, profitability and promote new market diversification. This symposium will also examine the opportunity to develop an AgTech Innovation Fund to facilitate investment in early-stage food and agricultural technology companies. The fund will enable entrepreneurs to develop solutions to improve farm productivity, increase agricultural sustainability, modernise supply and distribution chains and create leading edge high-value products and services transforming the Region.

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Ag tech Symposium