The Accelerate Programme

The aim of this new professional management development programme is to provide you (the owner manager) with the management, leadership, knowledge and business 'know how' to achieve sustainability in your business.  The programme will be delivered over a six-month timeframe and comprises of six workshops and six mentor consultations.  The programme modules include:

Module 1 - Why am I in Business?

Create a vision for your business and a route map to achieving it.

Module 2 - Finding and Keeping Customers

Understand practical marketing and promotional tools and be able to use these tools effectively to sustain and grow your business.

Module 3 - How Can My Business Do Better?

Identify opportunities for innovation in your business.

Module 4 - Managing The Money

Understand your financial position and how to improve the profitability of your business.

Module 5 - Selling for Profit

Use the appropriate selling models for your business and therefore sell more effectively.

Module 6 - Being The Boss

Self management in order to achieve your business goals.