Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Background to the Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme

Enterprise Ireland is helping Irish businesses to manage the economic impact of the current energy crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine. The scheme is aimed at businesses experiencing significant difficulty as a result of increased energy costs and the impact on the business as a result of the war in Ukraine.

The Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme offers two streams of support to manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services companies.

  • Stream 1 is a liquidity measure that will help viable manufacturing and Internationally Traded Services companies experiencing trading difficulties to access funding up to €2m.
  • Stream 2 is a state aid support for eligible energy intensive companies who are experiencing severe increases in energy costs in 2022 and 2023 compared with 2021.

Since Enterprise Ireland is still working “business as usual”, there are additional supports on offer that may help your company address the current economic situation – see Alternative Supports section below.

Alternative supports from Enterprise Ireland and other Agencies

Enterprise Ireland has a comprehensive suite of supports available for eligible companies at all stages of development. For these funding needs, please get in touch with your Development Adviser. 

Eligible companies considering the Ukraine Enterprise Crisis Scheme, should also consider the following supports.

There are a range of supports to help companies, at all stages in their developmental journey, to develop and implement sustainability plans, addressing energy efficiency and decarbonisation. These include training and business planning supports and funding for capital investment in decarbonisation and energy monitoring. See further information about the Green Transition Fund.

SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland) provide information to businesses on preparing an energy efficiency plan and SEAI’s Support Scheme for Energy Audits offers a €2,000 voucher towards the cost of a high-quality energy audit for qualifying businesses with an annual energy spend of over €10,000. More information is available here.

In addition , SEAI also offers a range of energy efficiency training – more information at Energy Efficiency Training for SMEs | Business | SEAI

For further information on the Ukraine Enterprise Crisis scheme

Enterprise Ireland has a comprehensive suite of supports available for companies at all stages of development. For these supports please get in touch directly with your Development Adviser.

All information shared with Enterprise Ireland is treated as confidential, but we advise that you inform colleagues if you are sharing their contact details with us, see GDPR for further information. 

How to apply

Interested companies can email for further information.


The Hub will support clients to assess eligibility and make an application.

It is important to note that Enterprise Ireland carries out a separate due diligence as part of its stewardship of the scheme. It is this due diligence process, carried out against the original terms and conditions of the scheme, that will represent the final decision on your application.

Closing Date for Applications

It is currently planned that

  • Applications for Stream 1 (Liquidity) and Stream 2 (energy costs) will close on Thursday, 18th April 2024 at 5pm.