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WATCH BACK: This online event Going Green: Small Steps, Big Impact
which took place on 9th March 2022 to see how small businesses can go green
and become more sustainable in 2022 and beyond

Sustainability is often quite a theoretical concept and many small businesses just don't know where to start. This practical 'how to' event will help you to 'Green' your business and benefit from practical guidance on how to make your business more sustainable.

We're taking the theory away and just bringing this down to practical action steps for business. Discover the benefits of doing so from business owners who have already done it.

Meet a selection of SMEs from around the country who have introduced green principles into their business. Learn how to market your green business credentials as a unique selling point.

You will also hear about the new Local Enterprise Office 'Green for Micro' supports. This programme is designed to provide small businesses with tailored expert advice on how to drive sustainability. Qualifying SMEs will access two days of intensive mentoring including a sustainability audit and action plan, designed to help "green" your business.

This online event, hosted by Jackie Gowran of Business Weaving, demonstrates how small businesses can go green and become more sustainable in 2022 and beyond. Featuring a keynote address by Dr. Tara Shine of Change by Degrees and a host of entrepreneurs passionate about sustainability, this event is full of practical advice, ideas and inspiration.

No matter what size your business is, starting to drive sustainability in your business can have a big impact on the environment, your costs, your customers and your business.

Hosted by Local Enterprise Office Cork North & West, this Spotlight Event is brought to you as part of Local Enterprise Week 2022.

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Climate Toolkit4Business

Tackling our carbon emissions is good for our planet, our economy and your business.

This Toolkit provides you with practical ways to start taking action

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Save energy costs and grow your business

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has launched a free online training resource to help businesses reduce their energy costs. The SEAI Energy Academy can help lower energy bills by as much as 10% by educating businesses and employees on changing energy use behaviours.

Free e-Learning with the SEAI Energy Academy

Sign-up to the SEAI Energy Academy and start learning:

Learn more about the SME supports available from SEAI:
(including €2000 voucher towards an energy audit for SMEs with an energy spend of >€10,000 per annum)