GDPR Information Workshop 23rd March

Glashaus Hotel, Tallaght
9.30am - 1.30pm

This workshop will give businesses the guidance they need to prepare for the GDPR.


Event: GDPR Information Workshop
Date: Friday 23rd March
Time: 9.30am - 1.30pm
Venue: Glashaus Hotel, Tallaght
Price: €10

Data protection in Ireland has been governed, to date by the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1988, which was amended in 2003 (to include EU directives from 1995). This legislation was the Irish Government’s  interpretation of the EU Directive and was implemented in a time before Facebook and Twitter existed. In recent years with data breaches occurring on an almost weekly basis across the world, the EU has gotten serious with Data Protection. In April 2016 the EU adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and gave the members of the EU until May 25th 2018 to prepare for enforcement. As it is a regulation rather than a directive, it will become Irish law on that date.

There are a lot of changes between the DPA and GDPR, with one of the most notable being the requirement to have Data Privacy taken into consideration throughout development of any system or application which processes personal data. There are also potentially significant fines for noncompliance with the regulation.

This training will give businesses the guidance they need to prepare for the GDPR.

Programme Objective

To provide participants with an awareness of the changes in the Data Protection legislation and to create awareness as to what effect these changes will have on the participant’s business along with some practical knowledge as to how to comply with the legislation.

Course Synopsis

Participants will be informed how to:

  • Identifying key changes in Data Protection legislation and how they will impact your business.
  • Identifying Individuals rights and your business’s obligations under the regulation.
  • Obtaining consent and knowing your legal basis for processing.
  • Awareness of liabilities & penalties under the GDPR.


The programme will utilise a variety of training methods including;

  • Power point slides,
  • Practical exercises and
  • Examples to encourage participants’ involvement and interaction.
  • A combination of group and individual exercises will be used to keep participants engaged whilst imparting the practical knowledge and understanding of topics covered.
  • Participants will be furnished with handouts with details on Individual’s rights.

Evaluation and Feedback

There is a development assessment created by the trainer as how each participanthas progressed at the end of the session. The attendance sheet will be supplied to the local enterprise office within a week of the session.