Business Mentoring Services

The Local Enterprise Office (LEO) South Dublin offers a business mentoring service to those setting up or already established in business.

The Mentoring Service was established to help young or growing eligible companies improve their chances of survival and growth. Occasionally, developing or start up businesses encounter a specific problem or want to undertake a project that requires skills beyond the normal range of the Owner/Manager. Our panel of ‘Mentors’ are all experienced business executives and consultants who are skilled in working with the owner/manager to identify the problem, find solutions and implement them.

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The Mentor's Role:

The Mentor's role is to listen, counsel and facilitate the business owner / manager in developing their own business skills and capacities.

The Service:

Applications for mentor support are considered in a similar manner to funding applications. Due to budgetary restrictions, priority is given to businesses with potential for growth which demonstrate a clear need for the service and which are not receiving assistance under other business programmes. In the case of pre enterprise / start ups, preference will be given to promoters with access to sufficient personal assets (in combination with public funding and/or private sector borrowing) to cover the cost of starting a business capable of providing a realistic wage to at least one employee in the short term.

Please note that due to Covid-19, fees for this service have been temporarily waived.


Interested clients should complete the Online Mentoring Application Form with the Local Enterprise Office South Dublin. 

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If approved, an officer of LEO South Dublin  will carry out a short assessment of the business in order to identify the most effective approach to the assignment and will then make recommendations based on the outcome of the assessment.

The promoter will be advised of the hourly duration of the assignment and directed  to the appropriate area of our website to access the Mentoring Shopping Cart.  Once payment has been received, an offer of mentoring will be made to the client and the assignment can commence. The resulting agreed tailored service is delivered at a time and place suited to the client. Progress is monitored by an officer of LEO South Dublin by way of regular mentor reports and optional client contact. Special workshops or networking sessions may also be arranged if required.

For further details or to discuss your application, please contact

Mentor Clinics

Please note that due to Covid-19, our in office, face-to-face mentor clinics are currently suspended. These meetings will now take place remotely.