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Network of Enterprising Women in South Dublin (NEWS)

According to Madeleine Albright "Women are very good at making friends and not good at networking. Men are very good at networking and not necessarily making friends." While she concedes that that is a huge generalisation there are elements of it that ring true.

Local Enterprise Office South Dublin are developing a Network of Enterprising Women in South Dublin (NEWS) that will quash that theory. Our aim is to encourage our local female business women to develop relationships that will be mutually beneficial. Networking is not all about generating sales leads(although that is helpful!), it is just as important to form supportive relationships with people that are in the same situation as you, that are experiencing the same difficulties as you are and that can offer you advice and guidance when you need it.

Over the course of 2019 we will host a number of events which are intended to address a number of issues facing women in business today. The format of the events will vary and we will make them as fun, informative and engaging as possible. For anyone in business, there are a huge number of time commitments every day and we are conscious of that. By being a member of the Network of Enterprising Women in South Dublin you will have discounted access to approximately 6 events throughout the year that will be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Keep an eye out for news of upcoming events and join our dedicated Facebook page or our NEWS LinkedIn Group for more info.

Join us for our next very exciting event:

Noelle O'Connor Founder and Managing Director of TanOrganic

Venue: Kingswood Hotel, Kingswood  Date: 8th May 2019  Time: 12.00pm - 2.00pm Price: €10 

Tea/Coffee and Light Lunch are included 

Award-winning Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Director of TanOrganic, Noelle O' Connor will discuss the importance of networking and developing a brand strategy when growing a business.

Noelle O Connor

About Noelle O'Connor
Founder and Managing Director, Noelle O’Connor, is a glowing advocate for TanOrganic, the world’s first and only Eco-certified organic tan and skincare line, which she developed herself. An ITEC qualified beauty therapist and lecturer, Noelle has been in the beauty industry for over two decades. From humble beginnings, she began her career with a two thousand pound loan from her local credit union in a single cubicle beauty room behind a hair salon in rural Ireland.

She single-handedly built her business into Ireland’s first beauty chain, Ealu Spa Therapy, while simultaneously setting up a skincare distribution company, Skin Logic, supplying leading mineral beauty products to Ireland and the UK. Launched into the market in 2010, TanOrganic quickly shot into the public eye and gained publicity and awareness by going on Dragons Den Ireland in 2011 where Gavin Duffy invested €50,000 for a 45% share of the company.
Today, eight years later, TanOrganic still holds the title for most successful Dragons Den Ireland with €1 Million in sales in the first 3 months of trading.

Today, TanOrganic is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate with overall sales figures are growing in double digits year on year. The product suite has grown from 1 to 14 individual innovative world-first products with the latest 3 launchings onto the market this year. TanOrganic is now a global leading self-tan company with products sold worldwide.

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