Business Advice Planning

When you're thinking of starting a business or growing your existing business, nothing is more important than having an experienced independent person to bounce ideas off. We believe that one of the best and most important services that we offer at Waterford Local Enterprise Office is the opportunity for clients to discuss their ideas and their strategies before they commit their financial and time resources to a project.

We deal with clients through a broad range of industries and we will have encountered many of the problems and solutions that you business will meet on your journey. We have a broad network of contacts and will be able to help you assess the viability of your idea, perhaps even set up meetings for you with potential suppliers or buyers from our client list. We will also be able to help you address any training weaknesses that you might have.

As moving through the network of options that exist in Ireland for small business can be a little confusing we act as a One Stop Shop where you can get information on what assistance Local Enterprise Offices and all other agencies and support groups can give you as you put your ideas into action.