Export Marketing Assistance

What is Export Marketing Assistance?

Are you in business and seeking to develop overseas markets? If the answer is yes then the Local Enterprise Office Export Marketing Initiative may be of assistance to your business. Exporting your goods or services is a great way to increase business success and sales profit, but requires a lot of preparation and market awareness.

As a business that exports, you will need to ensure that you have carried out a detailed market research analysis on your chosen country to export to in order to establish that your business and your staff can handle the added complexity of foreign market selling. The grant is flexible enough that you can apply to investigate a number of markets or attend a number of trade shows in one year.

The initiative can part-fund the cost of:

  • Attending trade shows in foreign markets
  • Taking sales/ research trips to foreign markets
  • Participating in trade shows in a foreign market

Assistance Amount:

Export Marketing Assistance is limited to 50% of costs to a maximum of:

  • €1,000 for those attending trade shows in a foreign market
  • €2,000 for those clients taking sales/ research trips to foreign markets
  • €3,000 for those participating in trade shows in a foreign market

What Export Marketing Assistance covers:

  • 50% of travel costs
  • €75 or 50% for daily costs (whichever is lesser for accommodation and subsistence)
  • 50% of costs of attending (entry fee) or participating in Trade Show
  • 50% of marketing costs (including brochures’, display material, etc.)

Conditions of the Assistance:

Conditions of the assistance are maintained in the following:

  1. The business must have less than 10 employees but may be in any general area of business such as manufacturing, retail, food etc.
  2. Proof that the business is viable, that the market is large enough for another entrant and that the grant aid will not create an uncompetitive advantage.
  3. That the programme is going to be of benefit to the business.

You must submit the Export Initiative Application Form with an outline of the expected expenditure and any details that support the viability of your market visit or research prior to any expenditure being incurred. Only expenses incurred between the date of approval and the deadline outlined in the letter of offer are eligible.

For further information contact us at 0761 10 2905 or info@leo.waterfordcouncil.ie