Financial Management

Break Even Analaysis

In planning and managing your business it is important to know what level of sales must be achieved in order to meet total costs.

Effective Credit Management

Effective Credit Management: Most business failures are traced back to poor cash management. The inability of a business to collect payment for its services/products will eventually result in failure of the business.

Opening a Bank Account

The EU Money Laundering Directive is in force in Ireland and financial institutions have adopted procedures to comply with this directive.

Tax & Business

Once you carry on a trade you will be subject to one or another form of taxation. The type of tax obviously will depend on factors such as legal form and nature of the business. The profits of sole traders and partnerships are subject to income tax. Limited company profits are subject to corporation...

Book Keeping

Book keeping is not just for tax purposes, as a lot of small business owners seem to think. It is a vital part of a business, if you wish to be successful. As in any walk of life, information is critical and financial information is the key to good business decisions. Good financial information will...