Metalman Brewing

Metalman Brewing

The opening of Metalman Brewing's new brewery at Tycor Business Centre in Waterford City has allowed it to significantly grow its business. Having been previously stifled by production capacity Metalman Brewing has unfortunately had to turn down some business in the past. "It's been pretty frustrating!" says owner Grainne Walsh. "Now we're really looking forward to ramping things up at the Waterford facility and really getting moving."

Born of a desire to see more beer produced by independent brewers in Ireland, Metalman Brewing is the brain-child of a couple of beer enthusiasts who were frustrated by the lack of availability and choice of flavoursome, authentically Irish beer. Inspired by some of the other small Irish brewers, they eventually decided to try and help do something about it.

Grainne emphasised the benefits of approaching Waterford Local Enterprise Office, "While we were still in the heady days of figuring out what our business plan would look like, we contacted Waterford Local Enterprise Office to talk about the Metalman Brewing concept, and much to our delight, they were very positive from the outset. They went through the various support options that the Enterprise Office can offer, varying from financial to mentoring and training, and armed us with plenty of information to help us determine what sort of help we would qualify for. Once things had progressed to a certain stage and we were in a position to apply for a priming grant they helped me ensure all our ducks were in a row and our paperwork was in order before submitting the final application."

"We were thrilled when the Enterprise Office extended financial support to us in the form of a grant and a repayable loan, it really gave our business the extra leg it needed to get moving. Each time the Enterprise Office turned the paperwork around really quickly, we were amazed at how delightfully straightforward the process was, especially since we had so many other things to worry about at that point. In addition to financial support, we have also had access to the Waterford City Enterprise food producer's network, along with training courses and networking sessions."

In short, Waterford Local Enterprise Office has been a significant support to us in getting our business off the ground, and we look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to support local Waterford businesses."

The first beer, Metalman Pale Ale, was brewed under contract at the White Gypsy Brewery in Templemore, and launched in March 2011 to a great reception. The beer's full production is now at the Tycor Business Centre in Waterford City.

The name of the brewery is inspired by a navigational aid on the Waterford coast. The figure of the Metal Man was erected in 1823 after a military transport ship called the Sea Horse was wrecked off the Tramore coast, resulting in a significant loss of life. The Metal Man stands on one of three pillars overlooking the bay, his purpose to guide seafarers, and keep them on their true course.

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