Bonzie Designs

Bonzie Designs has just signed a new contract with the Victorian Trading Co., a US based mail order catalogue. This major step for the Waterford business includes one of Bonzie's signature products featured for sale all over the US through their Victorian Style Publication.

According to co-owner Yvonne Crotty their rapid success is thanks in no small part to the assistance they received over the past two years from Local Enterprise Office. "We would not be in the position we are today had we not received the kind support and encouragement from the Local Enterprise Office. The Current Economic Climate is an unforgiving one but we had a shoulder to lean on throughout the initial stages and to this day we attribute our growing Brand to the support and kindness shown by the Local Enterprise Office, from the Receptionist, the Admin Staff and up to the CEO."

Bonzie Designs has quickly become Europe's leading 'must have' fashion brand, utilising modern technologies and centuries old techniques. Each Bonzie piece is hand crafted at their purpose built studios, using hand picked sumptuous textiles that are sourced from the finest mills around the World. Each piece encompasses intricate detailing that is unique to that garment and ensuring that no two pieces of Bonzie clothing are the same

Ms. Crotty explained how the Enterprise Office helped their business, "The Local Enterprise Office was instrumental in providing a supportive environment for us to grow and develop our business into what it is today. We have always found the Enterprise Office to be approachable, encouraging and supportive in our Entrepreneurial endeavours. From the get go the folks at the Enterprise Office offered Mentorship Support, additional training in areas that we needed to improve on, helpful and expert advice when we needed to explore new business avenues. The staff has always encouraged us to develop every aspect of our business and have provided support when we needed to do so."

"Thanks to the Enterprise Office we have been fortunate enough to receive assistance with marketing our brand and we recently had an opportunity to promote our work at "Showcase 2012" the largest craft expo in Ireland where we secured a very exciting new opportunity for our Artisan Label. We were originally selected as one of the resident Artists in the purpose built Kite Design Studios. This is an exciting Collective of Local Crafters based in the heart of the newly developed Viking Quarters in Waterford City run by the Local Enterprise Office and the Waterford City Council. While Kite Design Studios was a fantastic incubator for our business in its early stages, as a result of that supportive environment we have now moved on to a studio of our own, again with the help of the Enterprise Office"

With a client list that spans Europe, Asia and now North America the Bonzie brand is quickly gaining a reputation in quality, craftsmanship and luxury amongst those who prefer a more "Avant Garde" look to their wardrobe. The future certainly looks bright for Bonzie Designs.

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