E Working Centres in Westmeath

Connectivity and convenience are the main focus of Westmeath County Council’s new initiative with the establishment of two community e-Working centres.

Westmeath County Council under the CEDRA Rural Innovation and Development fund have established a community e-Working centre in Castlepollard.  The centre  will be in addition to the Council’s existing e-Working Centre in Mullingar. 

The e-Working Centres provide an employee with the opportunity to work closer to home, availing of working space with access to high quality broadband. The centres are ideal for people living in the Midlands area who currently travel to work in Dublin or other locations involving long travel distances.

  e-Working Centres are aimed at the following:

  • Individuals working within companies who are commuting to Dublin.
  • Start-up businesses in the region.
  • Companies in Dublin who support employees working remotely.

Using the e-Working Centres will result in many benefits for individuals including:

  • Substantial time and cost savings. 
  • Important community benefits will also result in reduced traffic congestion, energy conservation, and reduced environmental emissions from transport.
  • Positive mental health that comes with being able to work near Home/Family; not spend 2 hours in traffic / on the train etc.

For employers, benefits would include

  • Increased productivity and flexibility of staff,
  • Retention of skilled staff,
  • Reduction of damaging impact to business from extreme weather.
  • Savings from reduced need to provide office and parking accommodation.

If you wish to explore the e-Working option, please contact Bernie Ginnell at Local Enterprise Office Westmeath c/o Westmeath County 044 9338945 or bernadette.ginnell@westmeathcoco.ie  

eWorking Centre