Green for Micro

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10am - 1pm, May 26th

Please note this training is for Westmeath businesses only  - BOOK HERE

This workshop will provide you with an introduction to Sustainability Principles for your business. Your trainer is Derek Hannick from Lean Green Services.

It will explain the Green for Micro Programme; who is it for and how will it help you to improve your business and identify cost savings and market opportunities within their business. In essence, becoming green means improving the way you use energy, waster, water, and how you transport and procure. Improving environmental performance through greater resource efficiency, can help your business save money and achieve a competitive advantage.

Lean Green 

Lean Green Services have over 15 years of knowledge and experience in Lean & Sustainable strategic development and rollout of Business Growth and Cost & Sustainability programmes for Blue Chip Companies and SME’s.

This workshop will be delivered live on zoom. 

WATCH BACK: The official launch of the Green for Micro Programme which took place on  
Monday, March 1st at 9.30am!

Sustainability is often quite a theoretical concept and many small businesses just don't know where to start. This practical 'how to' event will help you to 'Green' your business and benefit from practical guidance on how to make your business more sustainable.

We're taking the theory away and just bringing this down to practical action steps for business. Discover the benefits of doing so from business owners who have already done it.

Meet a selection of SMEs from around the country who have introduced green principles into their business. Learn how to market your green business credentials as a unique selling point.

You will also hear about the new Local Enterprise Office 'Green for Micro' supports. This programme is designed to provide small businesses with tailored expert advice on how to drive sustainability. Qualifying SMEs will access two days of intensive mentoring including a sustainability audit and action plan, designed to help "green" your business.

This event was proudly hosted by LEO Dublin City as a Spotlight Event for Local Enterprise Week 2021

Click here to download the Green for Micro brochure