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Useful Business Links

Here are 4 important websites that you might need if you are in business

  1. Irish Revenue Commissioners - www.revenue.ie 
  2. Companies Registration Office - www.cro.ie
  3. National Employment Rights Authority - http://employmentrightsireland.com/
  4. Tips on running your own business - www.smallbusinesscan.com

Government Agencies & Government Supported Bodies

County Westmeath - Local Sites

  1. www.athlone.ie Athlone portal website  
  2. www.ait.ie Athlone Institute of Technology
  3. www.athlonechamber.ie Athlone Chamber of Commerce  
  4. www.mullingarchamber.ie Mullingar Chamber of Commerce  
  5. www.actathlone.ie Athlone Community Taskforce  
  6. www.ewn.ie Enterprising Westmeath Business Network  
  7. www.westcd.ie Westmeath Community Development (Leader & Social Inclusion Progs
  8. www.midlandbroadband.ie Midlands Broadband  
  9. www.eastcoastmidlands.ie Bord Failte - MidlandsTourist Information  
  10. www.westmeathchildcare.ie Westmeath County Childcare Committee  

Trade Fair Information

  1. Expo Exhibitions Ltd  www.sdlexpo.com 
  2. www.keyevents.ie Key Events Ltd  
  3. www.showcaseireland.com International Consumer Goods Fair  
  4. www.npa.ie National Ploughing Championships

Other Useful Website for Small Businesses 

  1. www.sfa.ie The Small Firms Association  
  2. www.isme.ie The Irish Small and Medium Enterprises organisation  
  3. www.skillnets.com Skillnets support business training networks  
  4. www.ipa.ie The Institute of Public Administration  
  5. www.imi.ie The Irish Management Institute  
  6. www.mii.ie The Marketing Institute  
  7. www.chambersireland.ie Chambers of Commerce Ireland  
  8. www.networkireland.ie Organisation for Women in Business  
  9. www.icai.ie Institute of Chartered Accountants
  10. www.plato.ie Business to Business Support Structure  
  11. www.irishexporters.ie/ Irish Exporters Association
  12. www.guaranteed-irish.ie Guaranteed Irish branding   
  13. www.domainregistry.ie The Irish - i.e. Domain Registry  
  14. www.iia.ie The Irish Internet Association
  15. www.makeitsecure.org - Protect Your Information  
  16. www.ros.ie Revenue on Line  
  17. www.empower.ie Portal site assisting companies to develop a web presence  
  18. www.techcentral.ie Irelands technology website  
  19. www.emarketer.com e Business Statistics
  20. www.nsai.ie The National Standards Authority of Ireland  
  21. www.lrc.ie The Labour Relations Commission  
  22. www.dataprivacy.ie The Data Protection Commissioner
  23. www.courts.ie The Courts Service  
  24. www.vision-net.ie Access to information filed by Irish companies  
  25. www.tca.ie The Competition Authority  
  26. www.odca.ie The Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs  
  27. www.ombudsman-insurance.ie The Insurance Ombudsman  
  28. www.entemp.ie Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment – Employment Legislation Information   
  29. www.pensionsboard.ie The Pensions Board
  30. Government website for Irish public tenders  www.tendersireland.com
  31. www.fetchcourses.ie Further Education Training Hub
  32. www.regionalskills.ie Regional Skills Forum


Other useful Websites