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Skillnets Ltd.

Skillnets actively supports and works with businesses in Ireland to address their current and future skills needs on the basis that training and up-skilling are key elements in keeping Irish companies competitive. Skillnets funds groups of companies in the same region/sector, and with similar training needs, through training networks that deliver subsidised training to Irish businesses. 

Through its Management Works programme, which offers structured learning and one to one mentoring support, Skillnets works with SMEs to build their management and financial capability.

Specifically in relation to business support, Skillnets provides the following range of activities:

  • Through our Training Networks and Finuas programmes, we fund 59 networks which operate on a national, sectoral or regional level to provide enterprise led training supports to businesses
  • We support the development of new certified programmes in response to industry identified gaps in provision
  • We offer a suite of management development programmes designed for small and medium sized firms

Through our Jobseekers Support Programme, we also provide learning opportunities to the unemployed in the context of enterprise identified skills requirements

For further information go to www:skillnets.ie/

To see the network of Skillnets around the Country click on below link to find which network could assist you