Essential Tax, VAT, Cashflow, Debt Management

Essential Tax, VAT, Bookkeeping, Cashflow, Pricing & Debt Collection for Your Small Business - Everything you need to know


Programme Aim

The programme aims to provide participants with guidance on how to maintain a set of books, understand the finances for their organisation and to equip participants with the necessary knowledge on how to fulfill their taxation compliance obligations. To help owners and / or key accounts staff to better understand and use the financial data that they may be presented with in-house or by an accountant.

Programme Objectives

  • Different forms of taxation in Ireland, how to register for tax
  • Self Assessment system explained
  • Completing the Form 11 tax return
  • Using Revenue On-line System (ROS)
  • Explain tax implications for sole trader, partnership and company
  • Record keeping obligations, Calculating tax liability, Deductible Expenses
  • Capital Allowances explained – examples and exercises used
  • Employer obligations, PAYE/PRSI for employees
  • Important dates/Contact numbers – income tax, corporation tax, PAYE/PRSI. VAT

The progamme will assist you in:

  • Understand the taxation obligations imposed on the self-employed by Revenue, calculation of tax liabilities and completing tax returns on line
  • Explain accounting terminology
  • Detail the different types of company formation and the factors to consider in selecting the most suitable type
  • Be able to read financial statements, including Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
  • Keep proper accounting records, inc books of original entry – purchases, sales, cash ledgers etc
  • Understand business cost drivers
  • Prepare and monitor cash flow projections to anticipate cash flow problems
  • Setting budgets, variance analysis and performance review
  • Working Capital Management
  • Setting Prices – influencing factors breakeven analysis
  • Getting Paid - Credit approval and debt management techniques

Modules covered in the course are:

  • Module 1a:         Tax, VAT and Manual Payroll for Small Businesses
  • Module 1b:         Payroll and Payroll Taxes
  • Module 2:           Bookkeeping and Cash flows for Small Businesses
  • Module 3:           Pricing Strategy, Costing & Debt Collection
  • Module 4:           Completing your Tax Return and Reviewing your Year in Business

Participants will be provided with the following excel templates, which will be tailored to their needs:

  • a cash forecast template to forecast and monitor their cash position
  • a budget template to prepare a dynamic forecasted profit & loss account for their organisation


5 Days - 9.30am – 5.00pm.


€50.00 - This course is subsidised by Local Enterprise Office Westmeath

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