An Invitation to the SME Business Breakfast


SME Business Breakfast


5th June 2015


Institute Of Technology Carlow,

Kilkenny Road,




As a progressive Irish SME you are invited to a morning seminar designed to engage you and your business in a creative process which will aid in growing your competitiveness. The morning has been designed with your business in mind, hosted by designCORE,one of Ireland’s leading dedicated design research centres, based at the Institute of Technology, Carlow.

One of designCORE’s principle aims is to develop design thinking within industry in Ireland and to show how design adds value in real business terms. Companies will be introduced to the capabilities of designCORE, encouraged to discuss potential collaborative opportunities and hear from leading European business and design figures.

Special Guests:


Raymond Turner & Associates:

Raymond Turner is an internationally recognised authority on design leadership and management and their strategic value to business, government, and society.

He has worked in the design industry for 40 years as a designer, design manager, consultant, and corporate director of design leadership. Now he is an independent specialist working internationally with companies seekingto secure strategic value from their design investment through business-based design direction and design implementation planning.

Bobby Kerr

Leadership and How To Get Ahead in Business:

Bobby Kerr will share his experiences, from his early days working on an oil rig right up to his present days running Ireland’s most successful coffee chain.

Expect real stories, practical tips and honest accounts from Bobby as he divulges what he has learned along the way and the key factors that contributed to his success.

Seamus Byrne

At Your Service! Meeting, Customer Expectations with Experience Design:

Are your customers satisfied with your offering? Do you know what their experiences with your business are like? What are the greatest obstacles they face with using your products and services?

During this presentation Séamus Byrne from Graphic Mint will explain how principles and best practices of Service Design, Customer Experience. and User Experience Design can be applied to transform to your business for Seamus Byrne the better.

Diarmuis Gavin

The Value Of Design: How The World Has Opened Up To The Potential Of Outdoor Living Design:

1970’s suburban Ireland was a dreary grey place, a cacophony of pebble dashed architecture, hanging baskets, net curtains and plastic garden gnomes. We were prisoners of conformity. But through a combination of increasing wealth, travel and inspiration through media we have embraced the potential of design outdoors. It has become big business. How has this happened and why is it important?


Founder & Designer at Schofield Watches:

Giles Ellis is the pioneering Founder and Designer at Schofield Watches. Schofield is an independent English watch company based in rural Sussex. They are actively involved in the continuing development of watch making in Britain and are proud to be at the forefront of its revival. At Faultlines Giles will be presenting his unique design research approach and process.

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Dargan Research Centre

Institute Of Technology

Carlow Kilkenny Rd. Carlow.

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