49616002/LEOBST002 - Start Your Own Business Course - 02/10/2019

Glenview Hotel
Commencing 02/10/2019
7pm to 10pm
Start Your Own Business

The Start Your Own Business Course is commencing Wednesday 2nd October 2019 in The Glenview Hotel.


Programme Objective:

The objective of the Start Your Own Business programme is to assist participants in assessing the viability of business ideas and in understanding the essential elements required to start-up and run their own business.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand what is required of an individual to start their own business
  2. Know the process of idea generation and how to assess an idea for profitability and success
  3. How to research and assess new business ideas particularly using on-line tools which are quicker, less costly and often more effective
  4. Learn how to market and sell
  5. Understand the concepts of business finances and the importance of cash-flow management
  6. Gain information on possible sources of funding
  7. Learn about the legal aspects of business formation, including health and safety and insurance considerations
  8. Evaluate their own "Elevator Pitch" re their business idea/concept
  9. Understand how to prepare and assess a business plan
  10. Understand the importance of technology in gaining competitive advantage, including E-Commerce, social media, etc.
Location:Glenview Hotel, Glen of the Downs                    
Date:Wednesday 2nd of October 2019
Duration:10 weeks: 1 evening per week
Time:7pm - 10pm
Trainer:The Entrepreneurs Academy