49616002/LEOBST056 Smartphone Photography for Start - Ups 01/02/2023

LEO Wicklow
9.00am to 17:00pm
Business Training

This course is aimed at SMEs who are struggling to get both still and video images for their social media, eCommerce sites and websites.


This course is aimed at SMEs who are struggling to get both still and video images for their social media, eCommerce sites and web sites. Social media requires so much imagery, it is difficult for small businesses to keep on top of it. This workshop will help producers and small businesses improve their imagery and overcome recurring problems using a smart phone and simple equipment from around the house or office and daylight. 

Course Content

The workshop will start with general introduction and various tips on the use of a smart phone. Attendees are also asked to bring along images that they are already using on social media and suggested improvements and any related problems are discussed. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own produce and packaging which they can photograph during the workshop under guidance.

The workshop will finish up with a section on how to prepare images for social media using free, down loadable software with which we learn how to crop and simply retouch each image. Participants will make a Gif and discuss #tags. A well designed PDF booklet covering all the topics mentioned during the workshop including links to relevant web sites will be sent to participants following the training.

Course Outcomes

Participants will learn how to prepare their produce and packaging, their props and phone before the shoot. They will also learn how to set up useful photo shoot studio in their workshop, office or home using simple items from around the house. The three set ups are:

  1. Table top photo shoot set up
  2. Aerial View photo shoot set up
  3. eCommerce photoshoot set up

The participants will also come away with improved skills on how to photograph and prepare images for social media.

  • They will understand the importance of using the correct ambient light for their shoots. They will understand how to set up a studio area in their workshop, office or home to get the best results efficiently using daylight and simple equipment.
  • They will understand the importance of having the best quality raw materials and props to hand before the start the shoot.
  • They will understand how to present their product and packaging at its best.
  • They will learn how to access free downloadable photo editing software for basic retouching. The attendees will be shown how to make a simple gif file.
  • While focusing on the still image, all this information can be transferred to video
Location:Wicklow County Campus, Clermont House, Rathnew. Co. Wicklow
Date:Wednesday 1st February 2023
Time:9.00am to 17.00pm
Trainer:Eugene Langan

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We respectfully ask you to only book the course you wish to attend out of courtesy to your fellow business owners.